Saturday, 4 April 2015

Scouting/Exploring Dehradun

8 Less explored and Beautiful Roads, Routes and Places in and around Dehradun.

1)      Mussoorie to Clouds End

Clouds End

Beautiful road leading from Mussoorie to Clouds end which goes down to Chhas Khet. The road running along the Fortune Hotel straight from library chowk Mussoorie leads to the place. Monsoons are best witnessed from the place with clouds being beneath you. Clouds tend to play a lot with the uprising winds from the valley which tends to ffog up the place from bright sunny in a flip second.

2)      Suakholi to Thatyur

Thatyur Road

Theres no introduction to Doonites acquainted with the doon-dhanaulti route. But a slight detour from Suakholi (midway between Mussorie and Dhanaulti) may lead one to small villages tucked away calm into the the Tehri section with Chir Pines and beautiful vistas around. This route (taking Left from Suakholi) will lead one to villages as Thatyur,  Almas, Moriana Top  and Devalsari .

3)       Dehradun to Rikholi via Purukul

Road to Rikholi


Well…probably the closest among the all in case one wishes to visit the place and explore around. A office return detour in the evening might be pretty relaxing. With driving across the Bijapur dam road entering purukul and going along the road it might lead on to Pundeer Gaon (as the locals say it) Going along the road further on enquiry with the locals about a village named Rikholi anyone may guide through the route. Lush greenery the area possesses with the sunsets that may leave you awe struck. With a slight trek to the hill top where the Nag Devta temple is located you find yourself surrounded by a small meadow a Mini-bugyal very green in monsoons and with Nag Devta Temple that receives mass gathering accompanied by an annual fair in the month of May every year it’s a place that deserves a visit.

4)      From Raipur and Thano to Haldwadi and Danda

Hill tops at Haldwadi

I guess everyone is acquainted with the Thano route beautiful as it is (until now) with forests and paved roads all the way. From Thano Chowk to left leads a village named Haldwadi. Situated deep into the jungles uphill with a steep climb on a two wheeler (not accessible by a four wheeler though), its beautiful with few chir pines and lots of jungle trails. Its located at a good height so again the monsoons and clouds and sunsets are what I may call the vibrant patterns across the nature portrays across the horizon. Visit the place I say. Very untouched and lies unexplored.

5)      Raipur To Dwara Hill top via Maldevta

Lots of hill tops and one more that goes by the local village named Dwara. Getting across the Maldevta village leading to a T-section and consequently a right turn to Green Coloured bridge and a road ascends to a hill that runs parallel to the Theva-Maldevta road. Keep the momentum going along the twists and turns until you reach the village. Ask a local if theres an area where army resides very often and theres a particular area of Chir Pinr trees conserved by army, that is the place. One has to explore around a little bit. Anyways the pic might help. Beautiful place up top for trekking, night outs, campfires etc. Well we`ve been riding always to the hilltops but we would love the diversity sometimes. Oh Wait ! No we wont.

6)      Thano to Itharna


Yet another location very very unexplored and roads leading to the place are dangerous and treacherous. Always broken and succumbed to landslides they are in a bad shape most of the time of the year. But the location and the following liberation is no worth if the path is easy. That’s what has been driving us across these vistas and routes we`ve witnessed. Again a vast meadow in midst of mountains only 40kms away from doon, taking a left after the next crossroads after Thano.

7)      Dehradun to Lakhwar via Yamuna bridge.


Somewhere between Lakhwar and Yamuna Bridge

Probably the best place around doon and rpobanly the most adventure-ish ride Dehradun Motorheads has ever been to. With jungles and long 6 feet wild grass we rode through in and across of literal no-where one end up witness one of the most majestically sound places of all around Doon. Any local might guide you Lakhwar upon enquiry around Yamuna Bridge.

8)      Bidholi via Nanda ki Chowki Prem Nagar

UPES university as known to all and the road leading beyond it to twists and turns across the mountains and a crossroad and an immediate right after to cross road  and going somewhat 7-8 kms of pure single laned treacherous offroads what the place has to offer is wide open landcapes and picture perfect vistas with rivulets along the way.

Thats few of the places in and around Doon we`ve been to. For more of the places and pictures check out our album Scouting/Exploring Dehradun at Dehradun MotorHeads


  1. Thanks for this Amazing Post and no doubt the places must have been breathtaking! Can we take this route on Activa (scooty)? i do see the Heads as Motorheads but still?

    1. Hi.thanks. could you pl tell or guess the height of dwara village ? 9810095285
      Rajeev Joshi

    2. Hi.thanks. could you pl tell or guess the height of dwara village ? 9810095285
      Rajeev Joshi

    3. yaah roads are motorable on Activa ! Ohh and Activa has a motor so yaah you can cpunt yourself as a motorhead :D
      PS : Sorry for the late reply !

    4. No idea about the altitude Rajeev ! But i can assure it to be around 2-3000ft max ASL !